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Introduction to André Bazin, Part 1: Film Style Theory in its Historical Context

Introduction to André Bazin, Part 2: Style as a Philosophical Idea

By Donato Totaro, Offscreen, Vol 7, Issue 7/July 2003

I can see in a previous post a link to part 1. Since these two popped up recently, thought is good idea to have the links in one place.


Back to Bazin Part 1: The Ontology of the Photographic Image

2008 post in Spectacular Attractions.

If you fall into the who the hell is Bazin category, or I’ve heard the name am a bit vague on his ideas, it might well be worth a quick zip through Dan North’s first para before tackling the Totaros. Or even sticking to it all the way through. He has included useful links including the Totaro. It all goes round and round.

Cruelty and Love in Los Olvidados
by André Bazin

In: The Cinema Of Cruelty, Arcade Publishing, New York, 2013.

Posted by Eduardo Carli de Moraes in his blog, Awestruck Wanderer. His latest post highlights Jo Sacco’s graphic novel, Palestine. Lots of interesting posts and check the side panel.


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