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FILM Ed Wood 1995

‘Ed Wood’: Tim Burton’s Beautiful Ode to a Fascinating Filmmaker, From One Outsider to Another

Cinephilia and Beyond

The ever magnificent C & B presents one of its majestic longforms on Tim Burton’s Ed Wood [1995]

Oozing with images and a handful of YouTubes. Plus a Q & A with Tim Burton

As usual the screenplay is embedded for reading in place, plus a downloadable pdf. If unfamiliar with their downloads, a click opens it in another web-page. But of course being a screenplay person, you want it on your HD. So, once downloaded, Go to File location, right mouse and and then open it with your pdf viewer. Save As [change the file name if you want to here] and Bob’s your uncle.

As I normally do, this screenplay is to be found in the right side bar under screenplays of which there is a small collection.


Cult films to see before you die: Ed Wood

James Oliver, Reader’s Digest

Of course the web is full of Ed wood reviews and essays – but just one extra for good luck.

The DVD can be found pretty cheap.

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