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PHOTOGRAPHY CHIM Children of the War

PHOTO Tereszka 1948

PHOTO Tereszka 1948 [2]

Tereska [Teresa] a girl living in a Warsaw school for mentally disturbed children having surviving the war in a concentration camp.

Taken by David (Chim) Seymour of Magnum fame in 1948 as part of a UNESCO assignment which became his his book “Children of Europe” published by UNICEF in 1949.

CHIM David Seymour (1911-1956)

Two videos:

[1] Carole Naggar, biographer of Chim, talking about the the photos for Children of War [6:27]

[2] Carole Naggar narrates: another version or part of the same film [7:38].

Both better viewed full-size. Can’t find any longer versions.

Magnum Photos

Where there are a selection of photos, “Auschwitz Liberated 70 years Ago”, by Magnum photographers.

Chim picked up his camera the way a doctor takes his stethoscope out of his bag, applying his diagnosis to the condition of the heart. His own was vulnerable.

– Henri Cartier Bresson [Co-founder of Magnum]

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