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DENNIS POTTER The Singing Detective [1986]

Most of The Singing Detective is available on Youtube. For some reason the 6 part series peters out at part 6. But the final section of part 6 can be seen in other versions.

A website called the British Film Resource – no idea who has produced it – has a fairly detailed hypertexty analysis of The Singing Detective, which could be a starting point after the wiki of course.

Clenched Fists (“The official Dennis Potter website”, run by Dave Evans till his death in May 2005) Dennis Potter : The Why of his Doubles and Devices, by Irving B. Harrison, Chapter 4

Chapter 3: The Singing Detective – A Place in Mind, Psychoanalysis and Culture, A Kleinian Perspective (1999) edited by David Bell. (GoogleBook: pp. 63-85, no missing pages)

The Singing Detective is still pitch perfect William Skidelsky, Observer, 12 February 2012

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