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Phipps Film

Seems sense to have a visually interesting and easy to use film blog. Grant Phipps’ is one. He writes for No Ripcord. No idea if this a free template or bespoke. Blogspot, which I started with in the year dot before changing to WP, has a lot of interesting templates. Well they all do nowadays.

7 different ways of looking at the reviews he has written. I’ve grabbed the mosaic version. This and snapshot are fun to test your film knowledge. Hover over each to get the title.

Note: using Control and + or – to increase of reduce size of each image and the number squeezed onto the page. In mosaic some on the right edge can be half off the page, but heck.

Came across Phipps when looking for Bergman essays. Bergman: Phipps

Lot of reading in there! Appreciate the reviews/essays/analysis. Thanks Grant.

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