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FILM E-BOOK How to Read a Film by James Monaco [in chapter sections]

How to Read a Film

By James Monaco (First published 1977)

Chapter 1. Film as Art

Chapter 2. Technology: Imagine and Sound

Chapter 3. The Language of Films: Signs and Syntax

Chapter 4. The Shape of Film History

Chapter 5. Film Theory: Form and Function

Chapter 6. Media: In the Middle of Things

Chapter 7. Multimedia: The Digital Revolution

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FILM Seven Inspiring TED Talks About Filmmaking

Seven Inspiring TED Talks About Filmmaking

A mixture of documentary and feature film-maker, some really famous, some not quite so.

Mostly here because I haven’t watched them all. Hypothesis: the film maker might not be so good at explaining verbally as showing filmically. Let’s see. In the few I’ve watched where the film extracts used as illustrations demonstrate better than the words in the talk introducing and and explaining, even if they are interesting and important. Film-makers are not all good public speakers. It’s rather ironic that unwittingly the film-maker selling film in words often demonstrates the time talking film might have been better spent making another film.

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