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FILM SCRIPT Network [1976]

FILM NOTES Chayevsky [mad]

I want you people to get mad –
You don’t have to agonise or
Wait for reformers –
You just have to get mad

Initial mad idea By Paddy Chayefsky.

If you haven’t seen Network, I recommend you watch it.

Network [1976]

Facsimile script 147 pages


* Script for searches – now look for how mad as hell turned out in the script

Script of the Week: Network

–in AFEKT scripts. This about page is worth a read.

The Notes Behind ‘Network’
–Thirty-five years after the release of “Network,” the unpublished notes of the writer Paddy Chayefsky document the angst and animus that he channeled into the film’s Academy Award-winning screenplay.

Read, learn, and absorb this screenwriting gem

From Cinephilia and Beyond.

This post includes Chayefsky notes which can be seen in Notes Behind ‘Network’ and adds a video extract from the film and a 14 min. interview with Chayefsky.

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Notes of a Screenwriter, Mad as Hell

By Dave Itzkoff, New York Times, 19 May 2011

Anchorman : ‘Mad as Hell,’ by Dave Itzkoff

Reviewed by Rob Lowe, New York Times, 13 Feb 2014

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