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The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn {2)

The next episode of The Great War in colour: The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn, Europe After the Fire, was on BBC last night. The iPlayer is available for 6 days from today, so hurry! hurry! folks while stocks last! {Just learnt iPlayer only works inside the UK, sorry.}

The BBC info page on Albert Kahn has four links including:

(1) Article in NYT A Philosophy in Bloom, by Jacqueline McGrath, March 30, 1997, describes a visit to the Albert Kahn Museum {Musée Départemental Albert Kahn } in Paris and gives info on the man himself.

(2) An essay, Les Archives de la Planète: A cinematographic atlas by Teresa Castro

Another site:

World War I Color Photos
Not clear if these are part of the Kahn Archive.


An expert in the BBC documentary: if all the war dead marched four-abreast past the Cenotaph in London it would take three and a half days.

The thousands of war memorials built after the war which, together with the vast cemeteries, will have been driven past – backwards and forwards as the Second World War progressed – two decades later later by the allied and German forces.

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