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FILM ESSAY EVAN PUSCHAK ~ David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive

FILM Mulholland Drive [sex scene 2]

Mulholland Drive: How Lynch Manipulates You

Another great video essay by Evan Puschak, aka The Nerd Writer. 9 mins. Not for those who haven’t seen the film. I like Evan’s very slick video technique and his clear, measured voice-over.

Here’s a bio by the man himself at Patreon.

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o.k. admit it, you’re a fan but if asked to explain what’s going on you would stutter to a halt after about 1 min or three short paragraphs. First watching of course.

Life’s events witnessed can also be baffling too, sometimes irritatingly, at others amusing and strangely enlightening or encouraging in their incomprehensibility.

The classic flaneur half-heard conversations, en passant, are to me one of the greatest treasures. Even the, “And he said…” can have it’s pleasures. So, what did he say? If that’s your way, you’re already typing a dialogue.


Three-part handy Mulholland Dr. for Idiots from Will the Blogger, confessed Mulholland Dr. obsessive:

Mulholland Drive Explanation: Part 1

Mulholland Drive Explanation: Part 2 – In Dreams

Mulholland Drive Explanation: Part 3 – Loose Ends

Separated for your convenience.

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