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WordPress vs. Blogger (free versions)

The first thing you notice about free WordPress if you have been using free Blogger, is the the way the content is much more accessible. Of course WP has a good set of more trendy templates, which is the big let down with the free version of Blogger. Many people using Blogger seem to have more than the standard templates, so it must be allowed to alter the code to suite your own requirements or else they have purchased. WordPress have decided not to allow you this freedom.

You are a long time Blogger user. You may not be an expert at HTML, but you have a few tricks up your sleeve to alter the layout, fiddle with the blogroll or add advertising widgets such as GoogleAds. When you come to try it in the free version of WordPress, you are surprised and annoyed not to be able to do the same. Though WordPress provides a small set of HTML in the code tab to use in posting, you can’ load up the template itself to tinker with the blogroll. WordPress will only allow you to use the widgets they provide. So, if you fancy putting BlogRush or somesuch on your WordPress blog, hard luck.

When you are writing a post in WordPress, and click the code tab to rearrange the text, you might be tempted to, say, try adding textarea rather than blockquote, it won’t work.

So you take your pick a nice ‘ database’, where you and your readers can find things pretty easily, or have a system where you can add any HTML.

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