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FILM E-BOOK How to Read a Film by James Monaco [in chapter sections]

How to Read a Film

By James Monaco (First published 1977)

Chapter 1. Film as Art

Chapter 2. Technology: Imagine and Sound

Chapter 3. The Language of Films: Signs and Syntax

Chapter 4. The Shape of Film History

Chapter 5. Film Theory: Form and Function

Chapter 6. Media: In the Middle of Things

Chapter 7. Multimedia: The Digital Revolution


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Glossary of film terms from

Film Term Glossary

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FILM LITERATURE ACADEMIC PAPER Unreliable Narration in Cinema

From Thivai Abhor at Dialogic: a link to

Unreliable Narration in Cinema –
Facing the Cognitive Challenge Arising from Literary Studies
Per Krogh Hansen


Amersterdam Electronic Journal for Cutural Narratology

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