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Mise-en-scene – another explanation for the collection

What do artsy film critics mean by “mise-en-scene”?

from The Straight Dope ‘Fighting Ignorance since 1973’

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Eric Rohmer – Six Moral Tales – Claire’s Knee [1970]

[1] Eric’s Rohmer’s Six Moral Tales

Short reviews of all six films

[2] Claire’s Knee

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Film blog : Eyes in the Dark

[3] Claire’s Knee


Daniel Hayes

“The meaning of contes moreaux is somewhat lost in its common English translation “moral tales”. Instead of a more religious definition, Rohmer says that “a moraliste is someone who is interested in the description of what goes on inside man… they are people who like to bring their motives, the reasons for their actions, into the open.” (1) There was also a very pragmatic reason for pre-defining the major themes of a series of films as it wouldn’t allow for producers to push for more populist subject matter (2). But perhaps the main reason for such an endeavour was to be able to focus on refining and experimenting with technique, building on the success of each previous film.”

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