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FILM Wong Kar Wai – In the Mood for Love [2000]

In the Mood For Love

Criterion Collection

YouTube with English subtitles  [was available at 21 Dec so hurry hurry…]

In The Mood For Love: Frames Within Frames

Very fine, perfectly formed 9 min video essay analysis from Evan Puschak @TheNerdWriter

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‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’: The Peak of British Comedy


‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’: The Peak of British Comedy

Love a film longform. A pleasing long, compendious one from Cinephilia and Beyond with all those juicy bits about how the film was made.

Add to the pleasure a really pleasant surprise – a facsimile final draft [note the thee hole binder] of the script! Read it in the page, though it’s not comfortable. Better to find the little pdf link to download it.

At the bottom of the script the now famous letter from producer Mark Forstater to Mike White, another producer, the story of which is told in I would like to retain ‘fart in your general direction’ in Letters of Note.

Google Forstater to follow the other story of what happened when Forstater as producer of The Holy Grail, attempted to get more royalties much later on as a result of the stage adaptation Spamalot making oodles.

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