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FILM DOCUMENTARY The Unmade films of JG Ballard [1990]

GRAPHIC J G BALLARD drowned-world

The Unmade films of JG Ballard [1990]

Duration: 8 minutes

The Unmade films of JG Ballard [1990] [aka (I think) Moving Pictures: JG Ballard] directed by Christopher Petit.
A film essay on Ballard’s fiction, and its unrealised cinematic potential, with particular reference to David Cronenberg’s (yet to be filmed) Crash, featuring an interview with the director, prior to making of his film.
PLEASE NOTE:Unfortunately this second film is incomplete (the tape ran out) – I have been unable to find a running time listed anywhere, but it looks like it’s between 2 and 5 mins short (the whole program of both films was no more than about 25-30 mins long).

Long time since UBU passed my ken. Minority sport, but there can often be something that ties in with your current interest. Looking at CliFi as a genre, came across an e-book of Ballard’s, The Drowned World [1962] which I hadn’t read.

The Drowned World has recently been republished by The Folio Society with an intro by Will Self. He’s written a long article [Aug 2013] in The Telegraph, Will Self on J G Ballard’s ‘The Drowned World’).

So Christopher Petit’s 1990 film essay is on the button, despite the tantalising abrupt static ending. Not with a bang but with a whimper. Solar flare?

But hold on!

{1} J.G. Ballard’s “The Drowned World” Optioned by Warner Bros. [The Latino Review 28 Feb 2013]

No problem with radio adaptations: Graham White’s version, a 59 minute drama was aired on BBC Radio on 4 Sat 22 Jun 2013. As usual no longer available. Throw up hands/ purse mouth. BBC – massive corporation, can’t keep good drama in the cloud for everyone to enjoy as and when. What is the reason? There is nothing worse (apart from a drowned world…) than coming across mention of a BBC programme, getting all excited, going to the link and finding it’s no long available.

Incidentally, also on UBI, a well-read free downloadable audio book of Cocaine Nights.

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