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Seems sense to have a visually interesting and easy to use film blog. Grant Phipps’ is one. He writes for No Ripcord. No idea if this a free template or bespoke. Blogspot, which I started with in the year dot before changing to WP, has a lot of interesting templates. Well they all do nowadays.

7 different ways of looking at the reviews he has written. I’ve grabbed the mosaic version. This and snapshot are fun to test your film knowledge. Hover over each to get the title.

Note: using Control and + or – to increase of reduce size of each image and the number squeezed onto the page. In mosaic some on the right edge can be half off the page, but heck.

Came across Phipps when looking for Bergman essays. Bergman: Phipps

Lot of reading in there! Appreciate the reviews/essays/analysis. Thanks Grant.

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FILM POSTER paths of Glory [2]

Why use my own words when those of the website are readily available and, well, they know what they’re doing. I’m just shining my spotlight on another corner of the film world magnificently exposed to everyone – film expert, buff, film student, even those unsure about film over book – through the wonders of the interweb:

INTERCUT is a film podcast supported by the #yegfilm collective which explores a love of film, the process of filmmaking, and filmmakers themselves.

I started with Dailies #1 purely because it has Michael Douglas in Kubrick’s 1957 Paths of Glory as it’s cover. Think it’s time to watch that again. What a pleasure to hear them start talking about Bela Tarr. Since I’ve spent hours rewinding the opening cow sequence of Tarr’s Satantango, hearing anyone at all talking about his films is really exciting.

My Tarr’s can be found in this search on Cutting on the action. Slow, slow film, requires slow, long posts.

N.B. I’m not a film expert, I just watch films and dream of making my own. (The making equivalent of the guy working in the New York restaurant as a waiter who says he’s an actor, usually seen as a scene in a film…). So don’t expect illumination: you might be disappointed. Anywhere I have written at length about a film is mostly me working through things about a particular film I’ve just seen. It won’t be expert analysis or criticism. Or if turns out to be either or both, that’s probably purely accidental.

P.S. Check out these images of Paths to Glory. There’s a whole set of posts in there on colour and black & White film…

….note the way light rays and blocks of light on objects work so well in monochrome.

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Nothing more fun that finding yet another film blog. Looking for stuff on Antonioni came across a 20 Feb 2011 in Konagal, Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’Avventura.

There are no hard and fast rules about film blogs, but if there were, mine would be put lots of stills to go with the words. Here in a short post, lot’s of them.

To be hungry for other’s views on films watched or/and admired is natural for enthusiastic cinéastes. One of the greatest pleasures is to be reminded of the visual qualities of she film, by visual means, before settling down to read the text. And one of the starter questions can often be why those particular stills have been used. Do they come from a Google search or from a viewing?

A simple search on L’Aventura has a great variety of stills from the film (if you know what you’re looking at…). So, if you’re going to chose 6 stills to represent the film, which do you chose? Funnily enough I’m not putting any in this post but will try to do a stills only for L’Aventura when I find the ones I want.

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