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FILM CINEMAS Iain Sinclair – London’s Lost Cinemas [LRB]


Regent Street Cinema

“Described as ‘the birthplace of British Cinema’, it hosted the Lumiere brothers’ first demonstration of their cinematography and was also the site of the first photographic studio in Europe (Dickens himself had a portrait taken here in 1841)” {from: Now.There.This – Time Out Blog}

….the only reliable measure of time is the partial recall of films we have experienced.

– Ian Sinclair

A book out > 70×70: unlicensed preaching: a life unpacked In 70 films. Volcano Publishing (23 Oct 2014).

If you’re interested in psychogeography you’re interested in wiki:Iain Sinclair.


‘When in doubt, quote Ballard’: An interview with Iain Sinclair

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