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FILM WRITER NOVELIST Gilbert Adair 1944 – 2011

Gilbert Adair obituary
— Witty, self-deprecating writer with a passion for cinema whose work shone ‘like sparklers in the autumn gloom’

Stuart Jeffries, Guardian, 9 December 2011

Eric Rohmer: Let’s talk about … everything
— He made poignant, sensual films about first love and chance encounters. But it was the dialogue that made the late Eric Rohmer’s movies magical, says Gilbert Adair

Guardian, Tuesday 12 January 2010

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FILM SUBTITLES GODARD Godard’s subtitling and translation

godard english cannes: The Reception of Film Socialisme‘s “Navajo English” Subtitles

by Samuel Bréan

Senses of cinema, issue 60.

The author of this interesting piece has played with his title in a Godardian fashion, but it doesn’t come out in the post….

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