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FILM GODARD Slow Motion/Sauve Qui Peut (La Vie) 1979

There are slow motion shots in this film but why anyone would chose to translate ‘sauve qui peut’  as Slow Motion  is puzzling.  Apparently the American DVD is Every Man For Himself, even if it does miss out the bracketed (La Vie).

“….basically an unpleasant and confusingly presented narrative about unlikeable people”

Kirstin Thompson

plot synopsis of Sauve Qui Peut  by Louis Schwartz in allmovie

Breaking The Glass Armour: Neoformalist Film Analysis

Kirstin Thompson 1988

From page 263: Chapter 10, Godard’s Unknown Country: Sauve qui peut (la vie).

A useful definition/explantion on page 247:

In general we may characterize as parametric those films that allow the play of stylistic devices a significant degree of independence from narrative functioning and motivation. This term derives from Noel Burch’s Theory of Film Practice, in which he calls the various possibilities of the medium – those elements that provide the potential material for variation – “parameters”.  David Bordwell has developed upon Burch’s treatment, describing extensively the use of parametric variation by the narration of fiction films. He has shown that the kind of play with stylistic features usually associated with abstract and other non-narrative filmic modes can come forward in narrative films as well, sometimes predominating over syuzhet considerations, sometimes alternating with them in importance.

A YouTube Godard interview with documentry writer, producer for PBS, Deanna Kamiel (1980) is not that enlightening as to his purpose, but there are a few phrases here and there which  express his attitude to film.

Review by Slarek of Region 2 AI DVD

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