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SCREENPLAYS The Best Websites To Download & Read Screenplays


The Best Websites To Download & Read Screenplays

20 sites

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FILM SCREENPLAY 20 Incredible Screenwriting Videos!

Paddy Chayefsky's Notes for Network (New York Public Library)

Paddy Chayefsky’s Notes for Network (New York Public Library)

20 Incredible Screenwriting Videos!

Well, that’s some American person getting over-excited. Let’s say, Twenty Famous Screenwriters Talk Turkey. They are all longish videos. Wade through that lot and you’ll get no writing done, but they’re there if you want a break from writing to listen to someone talking about writing.

The Charlie Kaufman one is worth listening to but the German interviewer is dire, and makes you want to give up living. Fight through it. Charlie, bless him, keeps on saying, “like..”, which is almost as irritating as the interviewer’s questions. But he’s the guy, so bear with. He talks about Adaptation. All writers who fancy writing a script about a scriptwriter should listen to that. And of course Google films about scriptwriters.

William Goldman, Robert Towne, all sorts. Not all P2P some lectures and round-tables.

Most of these are readily available elsewhere in buckets, but having a small clutch altogether in one place is handy.

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FILM The French Lieutenant’s Woman book and film

John Fowles  ~ Karol Reisz

John Fowles ~ Karol Reisz

“Secret Energy and Vital Intelligence”: On Karel Reisz’s Adaptation of The French Lieutenant’s Woman (1981)

Gordon Thomas

Bright Lights Film Journal, 5 October 2015

The French Lieutenant’s Woman – eBook

An earlier COTA post John Fowles, book and film.

It highlights a post by Litlove of the book, and links to the late great Harold Pinter website, where he writes a bit about his approach [and to other screenplays]. O.k., who can list his screenplays? Who forgot he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005?

There is a link to TFTW dialogue script from script-o-rama. The warning I always add is, don’t forget these are transcriptions and do not have the necessary, essential screenwriter stage instructions that the proper script has. Why not try splitting the script up into scenes and add your own directions.

Other COTA posts on Pinter can be found by searching on Pinter. One on his screenplays which was never filmed, ended up as a successful BBC Radio drama, The Pinter Proust Play, with Pinter narrating.

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The Player

Screenplay by Michael Tolkien

20 April 1989

pdf facsimile

141 pages


Untold Stories of Robert Altman’s The Player or Who the Hell is Thereza Ellis?

Blog: Eddie Copeland’s Tangents, 10 April 2012

American Exuberance: The Films of Robert Altman

The Player by Roger Ebert 1992

Robert Altman’s ‘The Player’: What Lessons Hollywood Has Learned From The Showbiz Satire
Gary Susman, 9 April 2012

GoogleBook Robert Altman by Mitchell Zuckoff

Enjoy the many photographers and as much of the text as possible. Nothing is free. if it is free then there’s a catch somewhere. In this case it’s trying to guess what’s in that missing page.

GoogleBook: Altman on Altman by David Thompson

Section on The Player: he considered it a bad script. Talks of Tolkien’s novel [1988] from which he adapted the screenplay, not having an ending.

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GRAPHIC confessions scriptwriter

Confessions of a Hollywood Screenwriter-Turned-Novelist

Daniele Pyne

Originally published in Word and Film

Daniel Pyne’s screenwriting credits include the remake of “The Manchurian Candidate,” “Pacific Heights,” and “Fracture.” He made his directorial debut with the indie cult film “Where’s Marlowe?” Pyne’s list of television credits includes J. J. Abrams’s “Alcatraz” and “Miami Vice.” His latest novel is Fifty Mice. He lives in Southern California. Here, Pyne unravels the screenwriter/novelist paradox.

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FILM So You Want My Job: Screenwriter

So You Want My Job: Screenwriter

Brett and Kate Mckay, The Art of Manliness, 10 August 2012

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