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FILM Showing what can’t be filmed {post by David Borwell}

From Film Studies For Free:

Observations on film and Film Art: showing what can’t be filmed.

David Borwell, 4 March 2009, on David Borwell’s website on cinema.

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FILM music

I’ve chosen these four from Film Studies for Free‘s selection of music and film related essays and books.


What The Sound Is Saying

What the music is saying in Bertolucci

from Bright Lights


The Sound of Sentiment: Popular Music, Film, and Emotion
Murray Smith


Music in Films: A Critical review of Literature, 1980-1996



Robynn J. Stilwell


Film Music and Narrative Agency pp. 248-82, Ch. 12 of

Post-theory: Reconstructing Film Studies editied by David Bordwell and Noel Carroll.


Jerrold Levinson

which looks pretty o.k. as a whole.

Missing pages in this review:






The last two are in the end notes.

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