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FILM SCRIPT JO SWERLING ~ Hitchcock’s Lifeboat [1944]

FILM HITCHCOCK Lifeboat [1944]

Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Lifeboat’: An Expertly Composed Allegorical Thriller That Deserves More Recognition

Another brilliant essay from Cinephila & Beyond.

The screenplay is embedded as usual. The facsimiles always seem to give that little bit extra somehow. A typewritten one for added heck. Is it a script fetish? I don’t know.

Click on the expand button, top right of screenplay box. If your browser is set for open in new tab, it’ll be in a new tab as the pdf that can also be downloaded. Link in text.

But for the script hounds and film-making fanatics all sorts of other goodies down – oh dear, everyone’s using this now – the rabbit hole. Going by the testimonials which are mighty impressive – even professionals are greatly enamoured with Cinephilia & Beyond.

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FILM HITCHCOCK Julian Jarrold The Girl

The gulls are the people, you see, and she is the bird.

Hitchcock on Tippi Hedren in Julian Jarrold’s The Girl.


[1] Jim Crace, Guardian Review 29 Dec 2012 : Beauty and the beastly Hitchcock: a peerless study of sexual obsession

[2] Deborah Orr, Guardian, 28 Dec 2012:
If only Alfred Hitchcock himself could have directed The Girl
–The BBC-HBO drama about Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren was fascinating, but it lacked the psychological drama only the man himself could have provided

More as I find them

screenwriter : Gwyneth Hughes > 2008 BBC profile.

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FiLM 8 frames of Hitchcock

“Naturally, the knife never touched the body; it was all done in the montage.”

Hitchcock talking to Truffaut about the shower scene in Psycho

8 frames of Psycho: a post in It’s Only a Movie

The movie sequences og these 8 frames that are mentioned in the post can be played from here.

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FILM Hitchcock and Psychoanalysis

Hitchcock & Psychoanalysis

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