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FILM Flâneur film

World of Wander
Malle, Varda, Akerman, Vigo, and the philosophy of the flâneur film

Livia Bloom, Museum of the Moving Image 4 August 2008

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Walter Benjamin revisited

Via the most wonderful Wood s Lot the November 2007 edition of Transformations has a few on Benjamin, such as this :

From Flâneur to Web Surfer: Videoblogging, Photo Sharing and Walter Benjamin @ the Web 2.0

by Simon Lindgren

“(T)he flâneur . . . was never really a friend of the great outdoors. What mattered to him was . . . communication with, observations about, the simple sight of human beings” (Benjamin Arcades M4a,2). To both the flâneur and the web surfer the interest in other people has become an end in itself. They both have voyeuristic tendencies: “The phantasmagoria of the flâneur: to read from faces the profession, the ancestry, the character. . . . The masses . . . stretch before the flâneur as a veil: they are the newest drug for the solitary” (Arcades M6,6; M16,3).

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