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Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa { 13 June 1888 – 30 November 1935 }

A brief, magical, evanescent, mayfly friendship brought this poet to this pinhead in the pin-cushion of the universe.

Fernando Pessoa

‘See life from a distance. Never question it. There’s nothing it can tell you.’

Desde que sinta a brisa fresca no meu cabelo
E ver o sol brilhar forte nas folhas
Não irei pedir por mais.
Que melhor coisa podia o destino dar-me?
Que a passagem sensual da vida em momentos
De ignorância como este?

As long as I feel the full breeze in my hair
And see the sun shining strong on the leaves,
I will not ask for more.
What better thing could destiny give me
Than the sensual passing of life in moments
Of ignorance like this?

Ricardo Reis

Portal Pessoa

The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa

GoogleBook facsimile { via The Blog of Disquiet }

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