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FILM DOCUMENTARY My Life as a Terrorist

FILM Hans-Joachim Klein

My Life as a Terrorist: The Story of Hans-Joachym Klein [2005]


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Duration 70 mins.  Directed by Alexander Oey.  Summary from Spill.

The one review in Rotten Tomatoes reckons it’s much too long. It needs to be long in order to develop the character who is Klein. There is a  point at which one can get the feeling, “This guy talks too much”, which is who he is. It is only through the length and the talking, including to as-is-now Dany Cohn-Bendit, that there ought to come some sort of ambivalence in the viewer about if the guy is simply not too bright (explaining how he got involved) or someone who wasn’t too bright to start with and has through reading and thinking come to a maturer understanding of things. In other words, at the time he acted (rashly and precipitously) he had too small a set of information and ideas to work on, despite access to students and academics who who really did grasp what it all meant.

It is not just about Klein, but about the times he lived in.  So it is a glimpse of an era – for those who may have lived through it; and those who know nothing about it – and the mindset of those who believed direct action was imperative, like Klein.

In the spill review it claims:

At that trial, a number of Klein‘s former collaborators — by then well-respected politicians in France, such as Daniel Cohn-Bendit — joined forces to incriminate him.

Either I wasn’t keeping up or that bit wasn’t mentioned. They seemed affable towards each other.

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