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photography and film – facts, ideas, values


The book is so much better than the film..

The book is so much better than the film..

BRIAN sitting at his desk behind his laptop. Bookshelf behind him. Jar of pens right. untidy papers/books left.

He looks down to type. Clicking of keys. Stops. Looks toward camera blankly. Sound of door opening and shutting. Brian continues to look at camera.

Cut to:

Angled view of BRIAN. Door to right. JENNY enters backwards.

Cut to:

Back to 1st shot.
JENNY stands behind him looking at the screen. Smiles.

Very good. Two sentences..

Brian continues to look forward impassively.

Jenny moves to Brian’s left side. Shows both hands in fists. He touches the right one. She opened her fist. It is a small red tomato. She opens the other fist: it is a grape.
Brian cranes head to look up at Jenny. The looks back. Types.
Jenny moves behind Brian again. Looks over his shoulder.

There you see! It just needed a tomato.


You know I’m right…

Brian starts reads from the screen:

“She opened the door and moved towards him, standing right behind him, bending to look over his left shoulder. That’s one more sentence than at 9 O’clock” She says, smiling. He can’t of course see the smile, but he feels the warmth of it on his neck. He continued to look forwards impassively……

Cut to:

Back to shot 2

………Margaret moved to the side presenting him with two closed fists. “Which one?”. Peter reluctantly chose the right hand. Jenny opened her fist to reveal a small red tomato on her palm. Then the other hand: a green grape. He started typing furiously quite oblivious to her presence. While Brian typed, Jenny has moved silently to the door and left the room. In a corner of his mind, a millions miles from his creative effort, he hears the click of the door shutting.”

Cut to:

Closer view of door. The door is just shutting. Click.

Fade out.

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