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FILM Agnes Varda [leap]

“Sometimes I say, If I had seen some masterpieces, maybe I wouldn’t have dared start. I started very—not innocent, but naïve in a way. So that’s a big freedom, you know? I didn’t go to school. I didn’t go to film school. I was never an assistant or trainee on a film. I had not seen all those cameras. So I think it gave me a lot of freedom. I see all these students, and I admire them—they’re trying to learn something, they go to school, they do film school, they go on shoots, they help. I’m sure they learn a lot, and some of them, it makes them aware of what they wish to do. I was—that’s the way I was—autodidact.”

– Agnès Varda

A Crash Course In…Agnès Varda

David Parkinson, MovieMail, 22nd May 2015

to go with the Honorary Palme D’Or.

David Parkinson is a film critic and historian who is a reviewer for the Radio Times and the Oxford Times, and a contributing editor on Empire. He has written and edited a number of books on cinema, including A History of Film, The Young Oxford Book of Cinema, The Rough Guide to Film Musicals, Mornings in the Dark: The Graham Greene Film Reader and most recently, 100 Ideas that Changed Film.

Quo Varda?

No Varda? Maybe The Vagabond, The Gleaners and then The Beaches of Agnes. Lot of it. You’ll be hooked, a lot because of Agnes the filmmaker, the person. Check out YouTube. Agnes Varda Interview April 4th, 2013. Q. Which film does Godard have a part? Ah, une autre Godard name-check.

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