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FILM The Imitation Game vs. The Imitation Game

SCRIPT TIG [AT as Sherlock] p. 5

COMIC The Imitation Game p 179 [court 1]

The Imitation Game vs. The Imitation Game


Why Can’t Movies Capture Genius?
–Three films about British brains show the trouble of bringing otherworldly intelligence to the big screen. You can show J.M.W Turner’s paintings or Alan Turing’s computer but never get inside their minds.

Clive Irving, Daily Beast, 14 Dec 2014

Why Are We So Obsessed With Geniuses on Film?

John Powers, Vogue, November 25, 2014

3 approaches

Our Genius Problem
–Why this obsession with the word, with the idea, and with the people on whom we’ve bestowed the designation?

Marjorie Garber, Atlantic, 23 Mar 2011

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FILM VIDEO ESSAY Two Expositions and a Manifesto

FILM ORSON WELLES F for Fake [gloves]

How Long is A Piece of String?
–On the Practice, Scope and Value of Videographic Film Studies and Criticism

By Catherine Grant

[A Presentation Given at the Audiovisual Essay Conference, Frankfurt Filmmuseum/Goethe University, November 23-24, 2013.]

“Look. I Know You’re Not Following What I’m Saying Anyway.”: The Problem of the “Video Essay” and Scorsese as Cinematic Essayist.

Drew Morton, [in]Transition, 12 Dec 2014

A Manifesto for the Video Essay

Adam Batty, Hope Lies at 24 Frame per Second.

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