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FILM VIDEO ESSAY Hands of Bresson

FILM VIDEO ESSAY Bresson [Kogonada] 2

Hands of Bresson

A visual essay on the tactile world of Robert Bresson created for the Criterion Collection.

By Kogonada

Commenter Robert Withers suggests it

conveys a Bressonian sensibility . . . these shots/your montage reveal something of the man and artist. Subtlety, spirituality, materiality.

While Sinead Harnwell quotes Laurence Olivier :

“The actor should be able to create the universe in the palm of his hand.”

Czlowiek Kamera:

Bresson believed (…Montaigne) that hands have their own soul.

Many video essays that rely solely on visuals often don’t work very well. What has been edited together can seem more like a set of jumbled trailers than a coherent message. Often it’s simply a poor choice of material. But this video is so well constructed we fall into the magical world of Bressons hands. How come more film-makers don’t use hands like this more often.

Some more

On Robert Bresson – by Masha Tupitsyn

Robert Bresson – Strictly Film School

Notes on Cinematography – Robert Bresson [Translated by Jonathan Griffin] pdf facsimile pp.75 [take pleasure in clicking through the pages and stopping at random – there will always be something to make you think.]

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