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EBOOK PhotographyAndLiterature_0029

p. 28 – Fox-Talbot’s photogenic negative of manuscript of stanza of Byron’s Ode to Napoleon [from Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley] [SEE also wiki:Henry Fox Talbot]

Photography and Literature


Francois Brunet

– Professor of American Art and Literature, at Paris VII University.

pp 178 / 80 photos > detailed index and bibliography

From : Exposure series on photography, reaktion books.



Having managed to get a copy of Photography and Literature in the Twentieth Century*, ed. David Cunningham, Andrew Fisher and Sas May, largely but not exclusively, for the essay by Stewart Martin on Sebald, excited to find Brunet as a e-book at Internet Archive. The home page for the book offers it up in various formats including Kindle. I’ve linked to the pdf and text versions. Easy on the eye with copious beautiful plates. If photography and literature interests you (Is‘photography the “new muse of literature” [P D Smith]. Maybe yes, maybe no.), you might be tempted to buy the book as well.

N.B. In the essays*: Memory and photography: The photo albums of Virginia Woolf, by Maggie Hamm. pp 42-51

Next on my List from the exposures series – Photography and Cinema by David Company.

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