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FILM TECHNIQUES aspect ratio

FILM ASPECT RATIO graphic [copy 2]

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Google image aspect ratios – tonnes of ways of showing, but this is one of the best. Stored this away for months for another post but the subject came up again in another context. Trying to find it in another search came up blank, then today having anyway found it deep down in the dungeons of a hard-drive, it came right up in a further search.

I’ve written here and there about interpretation in general terms – interpretative – gearing explanations to the audience and so on – and this is a great example. Just happens to be about film, combining two interests!

The majority of the graphics on aspect ratio try to economise, reduce space, but that ends up making the differences in format less clear on immediate viewing. Really more than one diagram is needed. This is one of the simplest of the compressed style.

FILM Aspect ratio 2 [combined]

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