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NFS Exclusive Series – The Cinematographer’s Process (Part 1): Breaking Down the Script

♦ …a process in which you scan the script for technical issues and viability based on the budget of the film

Only just come across Ryan Koo whose website, nofilmschool, has as he explains in one video (of many about film-making) gone from a few hits to millions in no time at all. The fun one was where he proudly explains how he bought a Red on a credit card, renting it out and other wheezes to end up with a no-cost camera.

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‘There is No Formula’: Cinematographer Gordon Willis on Testing the Limits of His Craft

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FILM SCREENPLAY Is it a great one?


What makes a great screenplay?

John Yorke, Guardian,15 March 2013

From Casablanca to The Killing – the elements of a great script are essentially the same. John Yorke – who is responsible for some of the most popular recent British TV dramas – reveals how and why the best screenwriting works

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Into The Woods: A Five Act Journey Into Story

This is lovely long piece which doesn’t mention Chinatown By Robert Townes. But lo, a commenter does. And COTA has posted a version at Screenplay: Chinatown [1977] It’s one of my favourite films, which I repeat ad nauseam. Best silly man joke in film too : note in that shot how the people line up one behind the other.

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