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Bored with film? Same old thing? A Gun, a Girl; a Girl and her Gun; A Girl Without a Gun but a lot of fun, that type of thing.

Critics unsatisfying? Theorists obtuse, incomprehensible? What else is there? What can a film enthusiast do? Read film books? Sit in a dark, quiet room? Or even a quiet, dark room.

At last a real alternative.

Enter the world of unfilm.

Investigative journalists Ivan Rigor and Fern F. Feliciano recently unearthed film in the Archive of the Soviet Film Academy. So far no has come forwards with a plausible explanation. Who’d want to bury a film? Oh, yes, critics, forgot that.

Eisenstein, famous director of iconic Battleship Potemkin. Early unrealised project: All You Didn’t Know About Film But Were Afraid To Ask.

All You Wanted To Know About Film But Were Afraid To Imagine.

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