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FILM BERTOLUCCI The Conformist [1970]

The Conformist

Dual format DVD/Blu-ray edition in UK, 27th February 2012, Arrow Academy. Very god commentary by David Forgacs. Points out that professor Quadri’s telephone number and flat number were Godard’s at the time.

The Conformist – Slideshare

* 92 slides * Presentation transcipt


The Conformist by Shade Rupe

Films I Love #47: The Conformist (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1970)

Short review and set of stills.

The Conformist: No 13 best arthouse film of all time
[Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian, Wednesday 20 October 2010 ]

DVDBeaver review

Poetry in Translation: The Zealousness of Bertolucci’s The Conformist

Review by Mostafa Hefny


The radical faces of Godard and Bertolucci By Yosefa Loshitzky

GoogleBook. From p. 58.

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