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FILM THEORY Francois Truffaut & Auteur Theory

Francois Truffaut & Auteur Theory

from Notes on Short film , which has done a set on auteur theory.

There is a link at the bottom to :

Truffaut’s manifesto: La Politique des Auteurs by Harry Tuttle

and the whole manifesto first published in Cahiers du Cinema in January 1954 translated into English:

A Certain Tendency of French Cinema

at My Gleanings.

The author of My Gleanings has created a bespoke blog that deals with A Certain Tendency, titled:

“The Bernanos Letter”: an inquiry into Francois Truffaut’s writing of A Certain Tendency

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FILM Revise Cinematography


Pdf of 47 ppt slides also from Lisa Cook’s Website

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FILM SHORT RIDLEY SCOTT Boy and Bicycle [1965]

Boy and Bicycle [1965] part 1/2

Boy and Bicycle part 2/2

Ridley Scott’s first film in two parts on YouTube. Stars his brother Tony Scott. 27 mins.

wiki: Boy and Bicycle

BFI Screenonline: Boy and Bicycle [1965]

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