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FILM Les Invisibles (2005)

Yet another free film viewing from MUBI:

Les Invisibles (2005)

Dir. Thierry Jousse
85 mins
English subtitles

Review in Cinema of the World
Set of 5 stills.

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wiki:Optical printer

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Wiki : Martin Arnold

articles on
This is a page on his own website which links to two pdfs :

Martin Arnold’s Memory Machine by Akira M Lippitt (A name that might have come out of a novel by Nabokov) originally published in The Journal of media Arts and Cultural Studies, Vol 24 No 6

Martin Arnold by Scott MacDonald – from A Critical Cinema 3 (Interviews with independent filmmmakers)

Arnold’s Pièce touchée (1989), is still available to watch on MUBI as part of the Cannes 50 Years retrospective.

A youtube of pièce touchée
The film is 16 minutes long and this in only 8:46

His other film Alone: Life wastes Andy Hardy (1998) is reviewed by Michael Zryd in Senses of Cinema, which also includes a filography.

Arnold mused an optical printer to make this film, not digital editing.

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