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FILM Adieu Philippine (1963)

Another film from the MUBI free set:

Adieu Philippine (1963)

DIR Jacques Rozier
France, Italy
106 Min
Black and White
Subtitled in English
Audio in French

17 May 1973 review by Roger Greenspun in NYT

Adieu Philippine – long blog post in Only the Cinema, 14 March 2011
[5 stills]

Adieu Philippine – review in New Wave Film [undated, no author name]

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FILM Poison Friends [Les Amitiés maléfiques ] 2006

MUBI is partnering with La Semaine de la Critique (Critics’ Week) in Cannes to celebrate 50 years of its programming by showing a retrospective of films from the festival’s history. Through support from 4+1 Film Festival, each film will be free for the first 1,000 views through June 30.”

Poison Friends
Les Amitiés Maléfiques
DIR Emmanuel Bourdieu
99 Min
Subtitled in English
Audio in French

Svengali U
A self-appointed intellectual guru poisons the academic well in psych-thriller

Review by J Hoberman, The Village Voice, 17 April 2007

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Film The opening shot

Movies 101: Opening Shots Project

Jim Emerson scanner’s blog 11 June 2006

and subsequent entries

Opening Shots Project Index

Opening Shots: They Live By Night

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