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FILM ESSAY – The Eye, the Brain, the Screen: What neuroscience Can teach Film Theory

Paul Elliot, “The Eye, the Brain, the Screen:What Neuroscience Can teach Film Theory”

Excursions, Vol 1, Issue 1 (June 2010), 1-16

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FILM DIRECTOR Agnes Varda {Short interview}

This is my first Varda post. It isn’t going to contain pensees because I haven’t got around to her ouevre yet. Nothing wrong with building up the wherewithal to understand where an artist is coming from.

A short 2009 interview with David Warwick, in The Electric Sheep Magazine , The Beaches of Agnes: Interview with Agnes Varda, gives a brief background and then deals with her film The Beaches of Agnès.

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FILM LINK ESSAY Masochism in Michael Haneke’s La Pianiste & Catherine Breillat’s Romance

Masochism in Michael Haneke’s La Pianiste & Catherine Breillat’s Romance


Jon Davis (2003)

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FILM LINK Slow Cinema and the Long Take

To add to my collection of posts on the long take, one from Either/Or/Bored, titled, Slow Cinema and The Long Take.

Nagging feeling it is already mentioned in a previous post. What the heck.

Links in there to:  Top 15 Amazing Long Takes (and onwards to other film lists), Pasolini’s essay,  Observations on the long take, which must already be linked to somewhere else in COTA. Who cares, a blog is a searchable database, Mark le Fanu’s, Metaphysics of the “long take”: some post-Bazanian reflections, and to a film mag 16:9 essay by Mathew Flanagan, Towards an Aesthetic of Slow in Contemporary Cinema.  Also, the first pic I have seen of Bazin. Didn’t imagine him like that at all.

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