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ANTI-SCIENCE climate science denial

John Mashey produced Plagarism? Conspiracies? Felonies? to explain how it’s done and who does it. Although schools wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole for fear of (well for fear of what?) something, this is the sort of thing that 14-16 year olds should be getting to grips with together with learning science as a discipline.

Apparently John doesn’t have a blog of his own but there is a list of his writing on climate change in a post in Warming101 Blog. It describes the pdf  he has put together as “ organised defamation of science has been structured and funded”.

Here,  John gives a list of reasons for anti-science.

There is also  a short paper:

Denialism: What is it and how should scientists respond?

which is linked to in Skeptical science in post:   The 5 characteristics of scientific denialism.

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