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FILM {Truffault – Léaud – Godard}

“The fictional character Antoine Doinel is, therefore, a mixture of two real people, François Truffaut and Jean-Pierre Leaud”.

Francois Truffaut

source:Francois Truffaut by Juan Carlos [Senses of Cinema]

Anthea Hall wrote an article on French actor Jean-Pierre Léaud, A man lost in a celluloid identity, in The Sunday Telegraph (17 January, 1991) in which she examined how ‘Truffault had created an entire screen persona for Leaud..’. So far there is no evidence of an online version of this article, which is a pity. It could form a companion piece to several essays on Léaud/Truffault such as Philippa Hawker’s, Jean-Pierre Léaud:Unbearable Lightness [Senses of Cinema] and Because of Tenderness: Thoughts on the Performance of
Jean-Pierre Léaud
by Rhys Graham [Senses of Cinema]

Here, the screen test Léaud did as a 14 year-old for Les Quatre Cent Coups.

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