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FILM Godard Histoire(s) du cinéma

Histoire(s) du cinéma
Doug Cummings review (10 September 2008) in Moviemail.

Histoire(s) du cinéma – Alifeleti Brown in Senses of Cinema.

From end note 13:

La « partition » des Histoire(s) du cinéma de Jean-Luc Godard created by Celine Scemama.

Jean-Luc Godard and the other history of cinema.

Ph.D. Thesis. Douglas Morrey. Warwick University 2002.

Making History – Essay and inteview with Jean-Luc Godard
by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Excerpts from his essay on Godard’s Histoires[s] du Cinema

Jean-Luc Godard by Craig Keller Senses of Cinema.

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