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FILM Climates by Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Watched Climates on iPlayer last night and was struck by the way several shots were set up in extreme close up, trying without success to remember a well-known film that used the same technique.

Steven Yates in his review of Climates in, did not give a direct answer but confirmed that Ceylan is both filmmaker and photographer. Right from the beginning of the film the main character Isa, played by Ceylan himself, is taking digital photographs, boring his girlfriend played by his wife Ebru Ceylan.

In his own photography website,  nuri bilge ceylan photography, the bumf  for his 2007 Grenada exhibition includes:

Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s career as a filmmaker is indivisible from his interest in still images. He is in charge of the cinematog­raphy of his own films and often includes a photographer in the plot, such as the protagonist of Distant, a spectator of the city of Istanbul from the other side of the lens, and who is incapable of verbal communication beyond images. During the preparation and shooting of his latest feature, Climates, which Cines del Sur presents in the Itineraries Section, Ceylan took a panoramic camera with him to cap­ture exteriors; what were initially locations to be used in production soon became a specific work…

One of photographs in his Turkey cinemascope series, Ishakpasa palace, 2005, is in the film near the end.

A review by Chris Cabin in filmcritic

NYT 2006 review by Manohla Dargis

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