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Concentrating on Kieslowski: Krzysztof Zanussi

Zanussi plays a part in Kieslowski’s Camera Buff, as himself, but also in the form of an extract of his film, Camouflage (1977). Filip Mosz goes to a showing of the film Zanussi attends.

In Camera Buff, Filip has got to the stage of realising he needs to watch films to know how to make films. The still from the shot where Filip gets his film epiphany is in FODII post  Concentrating on Kieslowski: Camera Buff.

Kieslowski edits the short extract of Camouflage and the Q and A at the end of the screening in such a way that one might not be altogether clear that the 30 seconds or so of dialogue between two characters in Camouflage is not part of Camera Buff. First Filip asks what’s on at the cinema, then the wodge of Camouflage, then cut to the Q. and A. with Zanussi. (I have transcribed what Zanussi says in this shot into the post above as well.)

Dennis Grunes gives a succinct summary of Camouflage in his blog.

There is a 2001 Leslie Nielson comedy also called Camouflage.

A brief summary, Two Films by Krzysztof Zanussi,  Zanussi’s Camouflage and a more recent film of his,  Persona non Grata (2004) by Alan Pavelin in Talking Pictures.

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