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Concentrating on Kieslowski: More on Blue


Music is important in Blue. Musical notes often appear on the screen,so in this sense the film’s about music, about the writing of music, about working on music. For some people Julie is the author of the music we hear. At one stage the journalist asks Julie: ‘Did you write your husband’s music?’ And Julie slams the door on her. So this possibility does exist. Then the copyist says:’There a lot of corrections.’ There had always been a lot of corrections. Did Julie only do the corrections? Maybe she is one of those people who aren’t able to write a single sheet of music but is wonderful in correcting a sheet which has already been written. She sees everything, has an excellent analytical mind and has a great talent for improving things. The written sheet of music isn’t bad but when she’s improved it, it is excellent. But it’s not all that important whether she’s the author or co-author because what has been corrected is better than it was before. The music is cited all through the film and then at the end we hear it in its entirety, solemn and grand. So we’re led to think she’s played a part in its creation. In this sense the film’s about music.


 Kieslowski on Kieslowski  (1993)   Edited by Danusia Stok 

Found in GoogleBook :

Subject, Society and Culture by Roy Boyne

Chapter 6: Kieslowski’s Subjects pp 127- 147, has pages 128, 134, 138 and 143 missing, but is readable. A detailed treatment in three sections: Blue, Subject of Blue and Three Subjects.

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