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Maxim Gorky

Gorky may have been his own greatest character, but the story of the character Gorky is one of the most disappointing and upsetting in modern literature.

Low Truths
A Review by Alexander Nemser of:

Gorky’s Tolstoy and Other Reminiscences: Key Writings by and about Maxim Gorky (Russian Literature and Thought)
by Maksim Gorky

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Nothing to Be Frightened Of by Julian Barnes

BWO 3 Quarks : a review by Michael Dirda in The Washington Post of Julian Barnes’ Nothing to Be Frightened Of.

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Literary Darwinism

Not quite Literary Darwinism for Dummies:
Darwin to the Rescue: A group of scholars thinks evolutionary science can reinvigorate literary studies

by Britt Peterson

Chronicle of Higher Education 1 August 2008
Literary Darwinism should be deselected, naturally

Shirely Dent

Guardian blog,  5 September 2008

The Literary Darwinists by D T Max     NYT Magazine  6 November 2005

A short post expressing doubts on LD by Stephen Berlin Johnson

7 November 2005

links back to Dennis Dutton’s, The Pleasure of Fiction, in Philosophy and Literature 28 (2004)

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