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John Berger’s BBC Programme Ways of Seeing is on YouTube

Mark Thwaite points this out.

Start here and good luck in finding all 12 part:

Ways of Seeing part 1/4

From the wiki: John Berger ( “Is he still alive?”) : Ways of seeing was based on Benjamin’s wiki: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical reproduction.

Here, for your convenience, Benjamin’s essay translated into English.

The YouTube presentation of the individual Berger clips can end up with a viewing in the wrong order, which is a shame. At first glance, it seems as if there are four clips, but it is actually three sets of four, and it is not easy to see which is which and where they are: they do not pop up one after the other as is usual with YouTube. They really need to do some work on that site: it looks dated and far too basic in feel. Please God can they get rid of the comments, which are often the most inane and ignorant offerings one would ever not wish to imagine: frequently a pedant arguing the toss about some recording, or the type of musical insturment used. Pur-le-e-e-e-se, as they probably say in the Bronx.

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