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Smorgasbord {2} science, writing

Three from the inestimable 3 Quarks:

Evolving Thoughts science blog : Basic concepts : A List

If a non-scientist mostly reading fiction but wanting some science, then this might be the place to start.

Even Tierra Fuegans Do IT

The Uncashed Metaphor of Natural Selection

Long essay by Justin E.H. Smith

How Daphne du Maurier wrote Rebecca Telegraph 19 April 2008

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Les évènements – 1968 Year of Revolutions

Very good documentary/discussion programme on BBC Radio 4 chaired by John Tusa: 1968, The Year of Revolutions.

What really happened? What was the long-term impact?

Includes Olivier Todd, mellifluous tones intact, who popped up on TV a week or two ago. Thought he was long gone. Fractious French intellectuals interrupting each other at every opportunity, but worth the effort. 44 mins.

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