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Existentialism is a Humanism
First given as a lecture: Paris, 29 October 1945.

Understanding Philosophy for AS Level by Christopher Hamilton (GoogleBook sample): designed for AS (High School) Level Philosophy, section VI, Jean-Paul Sartre: Existentialism and Humanism, uses E is an H as its primary text. Half a dozen pages missing but still useful. Recommended by author as suitable introductory undergraduate course in philosophy.

The World According to Sartre by Roger Kimball (New Criterion essay)

Sartre Today: A Centenary Celebration {GoogleBook) partial facsimile
By Adrian Van den Hoven, Andrew N. Leak

The Introduction is intact but other chapters are truncated. Chapter 19: Camus vs. Sartre, The Unresolved Conflict by Ronald Aronson, p.302 – 310 (only p. 308 missing. Well, alright, buy the book then…)

Sartre by David Drake published in 2006 to coincide with the centenary. This GoogleBook offers the first 37 pages.

Sartre and Stalinism? There are 50 odd pages of this GoogleBook, Sartre Against Stalinism by Ian H. Birchall, which helps with this question.

Pickings from TLS article, The novelist in the bubble by James Campbell. Subtitled: Sartre’s fiction and its resistance to the “living principle”.

“Why is it that Roquentin and Mathieu, who are me, are so gloomy?”. Typically unsparing, he decided that the reason is that they are “stripped of the living principle”.

Phenomenology and Deconstruction By Robert Denoon Cumming (GoogleBook extract}

Chapter 19: The Work of Art: should start at 158: starts from p.159 : includes sections on contingency and melancholia. Mentions Sartre named Nausea, Melancholia, but the editor changed it.

Mention of Durer’s Melancholia I. Sartre had a bout of depression in 1935. He tried mescaline once. Nausea was published in 1938.

Sartre Online : Articles on Jean-Paul Sartre

The Endgame of Taste: Keats, Sartre, Beckett 2001 Paper by Denise Gigante

Paper by Jean-Michel Heimonet, Bataille and Sartre, translated from the French by Emoretta Yang.

It is available as a Word doc. Here, the HTML with the search terms, “Sartre melancholia” left in.

The Cry has source materials from a variety of existentialists including Sartre. The out links from the Sartre page are dead. The play No Exit.

Also included: Woody Allen. (!) Scripts for Annie Hall and Manhattan Murder Mystery. The part of the website written by Woody was probably the horizontal list of links to the authors included.




kierkegaard …(VOICE. Yes) dostoevsky (Uhuh..) allen (no response) sartre (Yees…) jaspers camus nietzsche kafka heidegger descartes de beauvoir rilke


kierkegaard dostoevsky allen ( VOICE. QUIZZICAL. Allen? )

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